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Programs are held at Lakewood History Museum, 6114 Motor Ave SW, Lakewood, unless otherwise noted. (MAP) They are free to the public unless otherwise noted.


Program Date: Dec 08, 2016

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Program Date: Nov 22, 2016

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Program Date: Sep 28, 2016

Willie Frank rivets audience ...

Program Date: Sep 27, 2016

The Legacy of Billy Frank, Jr.

Program Date: Jul 26, 2016

Two More Historical Markers T ...

Program Date: Jul 09, 2016

Historically speaking…Summe ...

Program Date: Apr 27, 2016

Society to Host Program on Hi ...

Program Date: Mar 22, 2016

March 22nd: Larceny on a Hist ...


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Program Archives: 1998-2015






  • Jan- History of the Lakewood Ice Arena, presented by Becky Huber, Mark Blau and Don Gilbertson
  • Feb- Opening of new Museum exhibit- How a School District Helped Build a Community
  • Mar- Raising Cain: The Life and Times of Senator Harry P. Cain. C. Mark Smith
  • Apr- Deconstructing the Lore of Lewis and Clark, David Nicandri
  • May- The Uncivil War: Battle of the Classroom, Nick Adam
  • Jun-History of the Lakewood Fire Department
  • Jun- SummerFEST at Ft Steilacoom Park.
  • Jul- A Walk into History at Villa Madera, fund raiser hosted by Kyle Smith and Gayle Hampton-Smith
  • Sept-Reconciling the "Tacoma Method", Chinese Expulsion, presented by Bill Baarsma
  • Oct- Lakewood Churches: Foundations in Faith- histories of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Lakeview Congregational Church, Lake City Community Church and St Mary's Episcopal Church presented
  • Nov- Annual Meeting and Elections, program- A Look Back: Afghanistan and Iraq, John Simpson
  • Dec-Holiday Open House at the Lakewood History Museum


  • Jan- Lt Charles Wilkes and the U.S. Exploring Expedition, presented by Dick Blumenthal
  • Feb- Black and White and Re(a)d All Over, presented by Nancy Covert
  • Mar- A Journey of Thousands of Steps, presented by Bart Smith, "The Trail Guy"
  • Apr- Command Performance of HMS Pinafore, fundraiser at Lakewood Playhouse
  • May- "Max is Back" Vaudeville Variety Show, fundraiser at Lakes High School Performing Arts Center
  • May- Home Tour of Rhodesleigh Estate, presented by Michael Morrison
  • Jun- Bad Boys of McNeil Island, presenter by Joan Curtis, Steilacoom historian
  • Jun- SummerFEST at Ft Steilacoom Park
  • Jul- History of the Lakeside Club, presented by Sharon Montgomery and Carol Seeberger
  • Jul- Dedication of Byrd School Historic Marker at Echelon Apartments
  • Aug- Lakewold Gardens, presented by Stephanie Walsh, Executive Director
  • Sept- History of the Lakewood Industrial Park, presented by Tim Puryear, Property Manager
  • Oct- Lakewood's Historic Cemeteries
  • Nov- Annual Meeting and Elections and program, The Japanese American Experience during WW II, Presented by Sam Mitsui, Nisei Veterans Committee
  • Dec- Holiday Open House at the Lakewood History Museum


  • Jan - History of the Lakewood Library, presented by Becky Huber and Friends of the Lakewood Library
  • Feb - A Visit with Aunt Harriet Tubman, Clover Park High School PAC, Portrayed by Karol and James Brown
  • Mar - Indiana Handfield-Jones Explores the Deep, Dark, Mysterious and Unknown State Archives, presented by Julie Woods from Washington State Archives
  • Apr - Planning the Future of the Lakewood History Museum, Lakewood City Hall Council Chambers, Discussion led by Becky Huber
  • May - History of the Woodbrook Hunt Club, presented by author Joy Keniston-Longrie
  • Jun - Carman Home Tour; hosted by the Mitchells
  • Jun – Summer FEST, Ft Steilacoom Park
  • Jul - History of the Tacoma Country and Golf Club, video by Dave McDonald
  • Aug - History and Tour of Silcox Island on American Lake, hosted by Dorothy Silcox Holm
  • Sept - Shadows, Glorious Shadows: The Life of John McLoughlin, Reenacted by Jerry Echrom, Ft Nisqually
  • Oct - Annual Meeting and Elections; Little Church of the Prairie, debut of "Preserving Our Heritage" video from LHAB
  • Nov - History of the Tacoma Speedway, presented by Dr. Wayne Herstad
  • Dec - Holiday Open House at the Lakewood History Museum, special Victorian Christmas decorations on display


  • Jan - History of Western State Hospital, presented by Western State Historical Society members
  • Feb - 142 Years and Counting: The Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, presented by Col James Manning and the 9th & 10th Cavalry Association
  • Mar - William H McNeill, Captain of the SS Beaver, first Steamship on Puget Sound, presented by Dr Jerry Ramsey, Ft Nisqually
  • Apr - Early Schools of Lakewood, presented by Becky Huber
  • May - The Chauncey Griggs Home Tour, hosted by Mark Griggs
  • Jun - Revitalization of the Historic Barns in Fort Steilacoom Park, presented by Senator Mike Carrell and Lakewood Councilmember Walter Neary
  • Jun - City of Lakewood's SummerFEST, atFt Steilacoom Park
  • Jul - Life and Times of Gentleman Jim: Admiral James Russell, presented by Malcolm Russell
  • Aug - The History of Tennis at the Lakewood Racquet Club…and the World, presented by Barbara Wyatt
  • Sept - No More Bells and Whistles: Streetcars in the Lakes District,presented by Paul Curtiss
  • Oct - Lakewood Historical Society's Tenth Anniversary Celebration, at theSharon M. McGavick Center
  • Nov - Annual Meeting, Election of Officers and Board Directors, at Little Church on the Prairie
  • Dec - Holiday Open House at theLakewood History Museum


  • Feb - Lakewood Athletics and Local Teams, presented by Doug McArthur, author, broadcaster
  • Mar - Genealogy 101, presented by Pat Wood, Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society
  • April - Nature's Way:How the Lakes Ended Up in Lakewood, presented by Cheryl Hart-Guss, Lakewold Gardens
  • May - Lakewood Historic Home Registry and Historic Markers, presented by Becky Huber and Glen Spieth
  • June - History of Lakewood Playhouse, presented by Marcus Walker, Artistic Director
  • June - City of Lakewood's SummerFEST, at Ft Steilacoom Park
  • July - Pessemier Home and Garden Tour- hosted by George Pessemier, owner
  • Aug - History of Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park, presented by Cindy Thompson
  • Sept - Historic Ft Steilacoom Immersion Event, presented by Walter Neary
  • Oct - Annual Meeting, Elections, Dessert and Entertainment, Little Church on the Prairie
  • Nov - Thornewood Castle; History and Tour, hosted by Deanna and Wayne Robinson, owners
  • Dec - Holiday Open House at Lakewood History Museum


  • Feb - History of Boy Scouts in Lakewood, presented by Terry Cooney, Alan Billingsley and Dr. Eugene Weigman; MC'd by Barbara Wyatt
  • Apr - History of the Interurban Railway, Lakewood to Tacoma, presented by Russell Holter
  • May - Ezra Meeker: Those Terrible Treaties, portrayed by historian Raymond Egan
  • June - City of Lakewood's SummerFEST at Fort Steilacoom Park
  • July - Look How Far We've Come; Lakewood's Mayors. presented by Mayors Bill Harrison, Doug Richardson and Claudia Thomas
  • Aug - American Lake Veterans Administration Medical Center, presented by VA staff
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections
  • Dec - 1st Holiday Open House at the Lakewood History Museum


  • Jan - Slides of Mt Rainier
  • Feb - Lakewood Fire Department History, presented by Chief Paul Webb
  • Apr - Lakewold Gardens Fund Raiser- Antique Show and Sale
  • May - History of Little Church on the Prairie
  • June - Tacoma Golf and Country Club History
  • Sept - Permanent Lakewood History Museum Progress Report, LHS Planning Committee
  • Oct - History of the Lakewood Ice Arena
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections


  • Jan - Woodbrook Hunt Club History,presented by members of club
  • Feb - Lakewood History,presented by Gary Reese
  • Mar - Steilacoom 150 year Celebration, presented by Joan Curtis
  • Apr - Clover Creek History, presented by Al Schmauder
  • May - The Frederick Cole Smith House Tour, hosted by John and Becky Huber, owners
  • June - The Rhodesleigh Carriage House Tour, presented by Pat Masterman, owner
  • Aug - History of the Tacoma Country and Golf Club, chaired by Donna Cable
  • Sept - Plans for Permanent History Museum, presented by Janda Volkmer and Steve Anderson
  • Oct - Fort Lewis Military Museum Tour, presented by Allen Archambault
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections, Christmas Decorations, presented by Wayne Pieper


  • Jan - Lakewood City Hall Tour , hosted by City of Lakewood staff
  • Feb - Ambrose J. Russell, Architect,presented by Peggy Bal
  • Mar - The Flett House Tour, hosted by Beth and Jerry Julian, owners
  • Apr - Northern Pacific Railroad, presented by Jim Frederickson
  • May - The Boatman / Ainsworth House Tour, presented by Weldon W. Rau
  • June - Carman Villa Tour, Historical Movie presented by previous owner Joe Carman III
  • Sept - Lakewold Gardens Ice Cream Social and Fund Raiser chaired by Donna Cable
  • Oct - Old Settlers Cemetery, presented by Flora Dalgish
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections


  • Jan - Western State Hospital's Graves Concern, presented by Laurel Lemke
  • Feb - Iva Alice Mann, presented by Elizabeth Mann Poinsett
  • Mar - Book Review, by author, Jerry Ecron
  • Apr - Lakewood Players, presented by Donna Cable
  • May - Park Lodge School, presented by Rita Happy
  • June - Tacoma Speedway, presented by Wayne Hersted
  • Sept - Lakewold Gardens Dinner and Auction Fund Raiser, chaired by Donna Cable
  • Oct - History of Clover Creek, presented by Kris Kauffman
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections with "All our Yesterdays" presented


  • Jan - Historic Fort Steilacoom Tour, presented by Orville Stout
  • Feb - Thornewood Castle Tour, hosted by Wayne and Deanna Robinson, owners
  • Mar - Ouvili Family History, presented by Dee Knight
  • Apr - Davisson Family History, presented by Edie Davisson Brewer
  • May - Visitation Villa, presented by Cy Happy
  • June - Muller-Harkins Airport and Hangar, presented by Glen Spieth
  • Sept - Lakewold Gardens First "Walk into History" Fund Raiser, chaired by Donna Cable
  • Oct - The Chauncey Griggs House Tour, hosted by Mark Griggs, owner
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections


  • Jan - Tacoma Country and Golf Club History, presented by Ron Leighton
  • Feb - 1934 Flood Movie, presented by Bob Barlow
  • Mar- Early Lakewood, presented by David Fogg
  • Apr - Historic Fort Steilacoom, presented by Steve Dunkelberger
  • May - Mueller-Harkins Airport and Hangar, presented by Glen Spieth
  • Sept - Lakewold Gardens Dessert Fund Raiser with film by Joe Carman III
  • Oct - Byrd Family History, presented by Kirk Athow
  • Nov - Annual Meeting and Elections


  • Lakewold Gardens History and Tour, presented by Corydon Wagner
  • Rhodesleigh Tour, hosted byMr. & Mrs. McNaughton
  • Membership Meeting and Elections


  • History of Lakewood, Slide Show by Cy Happy
  • Oct - Creation of Lakewood Historical Society, started membership drive
  • Election of Board Members and By-Laws Approved

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