July 16, 2024

Museum salutes Veterans Day with FREE film

The New Republic calls Go Tell the Spartans best film ever about Vietnam War

Nov 09, 2023

On Thursday, November 9, in recognition of Veterans Day, the Lakewood History Museum showed the critically acclaimed Vietnam film Go Tell the Spartans based on the Daniel Ford book Incident at Muc Wa.

Daniel Ford specially autographed a copy of his book for this event. The story highlights an American Advisory Group and their Vietnamese irregulars who are given a dangerous mission in the Central Highlands of 1964 Vietnam. Ford also autographed a second Vietnam book titled The Only War We’ve Got. The books were given away in a free drawing following the movie.

Go Tell the Spartans centers on the early days of the Vietnam conflict and features Academy Award winner Burt Lancaster in one of his finest roles. Lancaster plays Army Major Asa Barker, commander of an American Advisory team in the South Vietnam central highlands. His team and his local South Vietnamese irregulars are suddenly tasked with an unusual and highly dangerous mission.

The New Republic called the film “The best film ever about the Vietnam War”. Film also stars Marc Singer and Craig Wasson and was directed by Ted Post who also directed Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood.

The Lakewood History Museum is located at 6114 Motor Avenue SW next to the iconic 1937 Lakewood Colonial Theater and across from the Best Western motel. Questions? Leave a message at 253-682-3480.

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