July 16, 2024

On sale now! LHS offers unique local history resource

OLD NEWS IS GOOD NEWS: articles of outstanding interest on Lakewood's past

Oct 28, 2016

As part of our celebration of Lakewood History Museum's 10th anniversary, we've published a 24-page collection of some of the most interesting articles from a decade's worth of our newsletter, the Prairie Gazette.

A sampling of topics:
  • The amusement park where doughboys from our local army base found a little "R & R" (rest and recreation) after drilling all day to fight the "Hun"--and what became of it.
  • The local creek that saw the first 4th of July in the Pacific Northwest celebrated on its banks (in 1841!)
  • The local businessman who built the first modern shopping center west of the Mississippi--and made construction of Seattle's Space Needle possible.
  • Why you've been misspelling "McNeil Island" all your life (but don't worry--so has everyone else!)
Copies of Old News is Good News are available for $5 at the Museum (6211 Mt. Tacoma Dr SW, in Lakewood Colonial Center, noon to 4 pm, Weds-Sat). Quite the bargain, considering how packed it is with information on local history, much of which is available nowhere else!
BONUS:  Become a  member of Lakewood Historical Society and we'll throw in your copy FREE.


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